When I was a schoolboy, I would often imagine myself being a tiny person the size of an insect, setting off for an adventure across my study desk, fighting ants and mantises along the way. One day after growing up to be a man, I unexpectedly 

remembered the imaginary world of my childhood.

"What if I could become that

small person again?

Then where would I go? What kind of photographs would I take?"


溝 Mizo (a ditch). It is quite an ordinary thing you can see anywhere when you are out and look down around your feet. But from a tiny person's perspective, there is a totally different story.

The walls of the ditch are so tall and stretch endlessly on both sides, arousing feeling of uncertainty. And the unique landscape there leads to a fantastic feeling.

I wanted to have an adventure in the ditches and take photographs of their landscapes.


This series of photographs was taken in a specific way so that they look as if they were photographed by a small person in the ditches.

They allow us to see and learn something of the imaginary world from that tiny perspective. That is the "POWER" of photography.


I name the genre of this work Micro Landscape Photography.

I hope you will enjoy the view of the world.


Translated by Hisato Kawata





"溝(MIZO)" それは足元を見渡せばどこにでもある他愛もない存在。しかし小人の目線で眺めるとその認識は変わる。永久に続く左右の高い壁は不安感を煽り、溝独特の景観は幻想的な気分へと誘う。私は溝の中を冒険したいと思った。そしてその景観を写真で残した